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July Designer Spotlight: Tammy Silvers
July 7, 2015 Round out summer is our Designer Spotlight for July, Tammy Silvers. Tammy is a flexible, diverse quilt designer, who likes tradition with a twist. We had the opportunity to meet her and chat, and are so glad we did!.... Read More
Ombre Table Runner
June 2, 2015 Varied shades of aqua and subtle shifts in whites and creams add a playful, yet sophisticated quality to this table runner, created by the June Spotlight Designer, Patty Sloniger... Read More
Super Oops and Goofs
Oct 22, 2014 We’ve all experienced it…that moment you immediately regret taking the shortcut. Read More
Top 18mm Heavy Duty Knife Uses
Oct 22, 2014 Professional contractors, tradesmen and serious DIYers know that selecting a high-quality utility knife with a sharp blade saves time and frustration. Read More