Bunny Placemats

Bunny Placemats

These adorable bunny placemats are adorable, and the carrot silverware pocket is fun enough that maybe your kids will want to help you set the table! With the cute bunny faces on them, they could be used for Easter or throughout the spring. This project will instruct you on how to make a set of bunny placemats, so you can make any meal fun. Instructions below will yield a set of four placemats.





  • 2/3 yd center fabric (bunny print in image)
  • 1 fat quarter accent fabric A (green polka dot in image)
  • 1 fat quarter accent fabric B (yellow strip in image)
  • 1/8 yd muslin (to make bunny faces)
  • 1/8 yd green fabric (to make carrot stems)
  • 1/4 yd orange fabric (to make carrots)
  • 1 yd fusible web
  • 1 yd fabric backing
  • 1 yd batting
  • Optional: Scrap pink fabric (inside ears) and scrap black fabric (eyes and nose)


  1. For each of the four placemats you will need: 11”x 13” piece of center fabric (bunny print), 4-1/2” x 13” piece of each of the two accent fabrics (green polka dot and yellow stripe).
  2. You will also need to cut two bunny faces, one carrot top, and two carrots for each place mat.
  3. Draw the carrot top and bunny faces onto your fusible webbing, then attach the appropriate fabric (muslin for bunnies and green for carrot top), before cutting the fabric to size.
  4. For carrots, draw the shape directly onto your orange fabric, and stack two pieces of fabric with right sides together. You will sew the two carrot pieces together all the way around the shape, then cut a slit in the center of one carrot, trim the excess fabric away (leaving 1/8” all the way around), and turn the piece right side out. This will finish the edges of the carrot and make it very slightly 3-D in appearance.
  5. Sew together the basic placemat (center and the two accent fabrics) using a ¼” seam allowance.
  6. Fuse bunny faces and carrot tops to the placemats.
  7. Complete the accents for the bunnies with fabric (pink for inside ears and a small bit of black fabric for eyes and nose) or you can embroider these elements on. 


  8. Bunnies and carrots are embellished with a blanket stitch using black embroidery thread. Please note that the top of the carrot was left open, the blanket stitch in that area does not go through to the placemat, only through the carrot itself – this is to let the carrot act as a pocket for silverware. 



  • Find bunny and carrot outlines by doing a simple web search for those images. Print out on a home computer, cut out, and then trace on the appropriate fabric
  • Use this pattern as a starting point to create placemats for different seasons or occasions. Pumpkins in the fall with a piece of candy corn for the silverware holder, or ornaments and a Christmas tree in the winter. Use your imagination!
  • Tag your finished placemat on Twitter or Instagram with #olfa and #olfabunnyplacemat

Bunny Placemats