Chenille Christmast Tree Skirt

Chenille Christmast Tree Skirt

Nov 3, 2016 By OLFA Creates

This beautiful tree skirt is soft, festive and had a wonderful texture.


2.5 hours

SKILL LEVEL: Confident Beginner





Materials needed:

1 yard fleece

2 yards white flannel

1 yard gold lame

1 Olfa Chenille Cutter

1 rotary cutter ruler and mat


Walking foot (optional but nice to have)

Twine or yarn

Marking pen


Skill Level: Intermediate


Step 1

Using the rotary cutter cut the fabric in a 36” by 36” square.  With the fleece layer on the bottom place the flannel then the lame then the flannel.  Pin in place.


Step 2

Mark a Line on the bias of the fabric down the center.


Step 3

Using a walking foot, sew along the guide line.  Using that as a reference point.  Sew half inch channels all across the fabric.


Step 4

Once the channels are sewn use the chenille cutter to cut through the flannel and lame leaving the fleece backing intact.


Step 5

Fold the square into fourths.  Using the twine and a marking pen draw a curve.  Using scissors cut the curve through all layers of fabric to make a circle.

Step 6

Cut a 4-inch circle in the center.  Using a rotary cutter cut a slit from eh outer edge to the inner circle.


Step 7

Sew around the edges using a zig zag stitch.


Step 8

Wash and dry the skirt.  You’re finished.




Chenille Christmast Tree Skirt

Nov 3, 2016 By OLFA Creates