Designer Spotlight | Sherri McConnell

Designer Spotlight | Sherri McConnell

May 1, 2016 By OLFA Creates

Sherri received a sewing machine for her tenth birthday and has been sewing ever since! Her creativity has been inspired by the creative women in her family: her grandmother encouraged and inspired her love of quilting and helped make her first quilt while she was in her twenties. She found quilt blogs in 2008 and decided to start her own to keep track of her own projects, while sharing her ideas with others. And she finds it to be one of the best decisions she’s ever made.


Sherri’s blog piqued our interest, and we couldn’t help but want to know more about her and her passion for quilting!


What is your favorite OLFA tool & why?

I love my OLFA rotary cutter and blades. I worked in a fabric store in high school and used to demonstrate the OLFA rotary cutter when it was very new on the market. Little did I know then how much I would come to rely on this amazing tool.


Which comes first: the pattern or the fabric?

Wow…this is a tough one…but I’m going to say the fabric. I’ll often wait to make a certain design until I’ve picked just the right fabric for the pattern.


What important piece of advice would you offer someone on the brink of quilting?

I would say “go for it!” It’s never too late to learn a new skill or hobby. Don’t worry about perfectionism… Just take a good basics class and sew all you can!


What is the dominant color in your stash?

Blue…many different shades from aqua to navy. I love them all!


How many WIP’s do you have lying around right now?

I probably have about 20. I’ve been working really hard over the past couple of years to finish up as many as possible. Of course I’m always starting new projects, too, so it’s a little bit of a few steps forward and a step back kind of process.


Who taught you to sew or quilt?

My Mom signed me up for a sewing class when I was ten, and she was always able to help me with sewing questions. But my grandmother taught me to quilt. She made lots of quilts for my family, but when I asked her to make a twin sized quilt for my oldest son she said, “No, I’m going to teach you how to make it yourself.” I’m ever so grateful she didn’t just make it for him!

Want to get to know Sherri Better? You can find her through the following links:




Simple patchwork 9-patches combine to form a scrappy pillow. Make it even more fun by using a scrappy binding!





Designer Spotlight | Sherri McConnell

May 1, 2016 By OLFA Creates