Designer Spotlight | Tiny Seamstress, Tiffany Jenkins

Designer Spotlight | Tiny Seamstress, Tiffany Jenkins

Jul 1, 2016 By OLFA Creates

During her junior year at BYU-Idaho, Tiffany Jenkins’ dad bought her a sewing machine for Christmas and suggested she take a class to learn to do it. So she did, as an elective. Her teacher was intense, the class was hard, but she learned so much in that one semester.


She graduated with an English degree, but it wasn’t until she had her first son that she went back to her machine. First up, a diaper bag for her best friend’s baby shower, and she never stopped — and that was 10 years ago! Tiffany also loves quilting, but is still in the learning phase. Though she enjoys sewing, it’s more of a side gig to her three children, who keep her more than busy!


Interested in learning a little more about Tiffany and her love of sewing? We asked her some questions!


What is your favorite OLFA tool & why?

Oh goodness, that’s a hard question. I love my self-healing cutting mat! I’ve had other mats and have cut right through them, so experiencing one that just heals itself has been amazing!


What is your favorite OLFA rotary cutter & why?
The 60mm because it cuts through so many layers at once AND it’s comfortable to use.


What is the unsung hero of your sewing box?
My little scissors. They save me so many times a day!


Are you as clever in the kitchen as you are in your sewing space?
Haha! Nope. I’m learning to cook slowly. It’s a lot like sewing. If you’re going to use a recipe, make sure you read all of the instructions BEFORE you begin, so you aren’t stranded half way through. Just like a pattern! I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.


Is there a time of year that you barely touch needle & thread?
Summer seems to be the season that I relax the most from sewing. My kids are home and we like to play and stay busy, so things like sewing take the back burner.


What important piece of advice would you offer someone on the brink of sewing and quilting?
Start out with an easy pattern and take your time with it. Allow for mistakes and then forgive yourself when you make them. I rarely go back and fix my quilts if there’s a mistake, I typically just embrace it. Most people don’t notice anyway, just the one who sews the quilt.


How many WIP’s do you have lying around right now?
I feel like I should have a really high number for this, but I only have about 3, unless I’ve forgotten about something. I typically force myself to finish things and if I don’t finish it within a few months, I’ll throw it away! I know that’s horrible, but I just can’t stand things lingering.


What is something most people would be surprised to know about you?
In high school I had my legs lengthened 6 inches. It’s true, I used to be even smaller.


Who taught you to sew or quilt?
I first learned to hand stitch from my grandmother when I was young. She was always working on something, so she’s always let me try a few stitches along with her. But I never really used a machine until college.


If you could choose one for free, which would it be: a new sewing machine or a long-arm?
A new sewing machine, because I can still quilt with that.

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A fun and simple tote to make for yourself or a friend!





Designer Spotlight | Tiny Seamstress, Tiffany Jenkins

Jul 1, 2016 By OLFA Creates