Super Oops and Great Goofs

Super Oops and Great Goofs

Aug 4, 2014 By OLFA Builds

We’ve all experienced it…that moment you immediately regret taking the shortcut. Even the pros have an anecdote or two to spill about the times they spent hours doing damage control for one wrong move.

Below, the experts are fessing up to the impulse decisions that went awry, and the ones they swear will never happen again. We think they’re worth a chuckle, but hey, we can all learn from our mistakes, right? Even better, we can learn from theirs!


From Howard R.

When hanging drywall in my basement, I ran into a section that required five openings (two electrical, one cable, one telephone and one network) in a 12-foot-long sheet. I meticulously measured from the edge and bottom of the drywall and marked the location of each electrical box. Then I made multiple passes with a utility knife to get clean edges on each opening so I wouldn’t have fitting issues caused by ragged edges. The sheet appeared to fit perfectly when I held it against the wall. So I patted myself on the back for a job well done and reached for the screw gun. I had most of the screws in place when I noticed the last opening wasn’t seating around the box. I didn’t want to force it in place, so I reached down to cut the opening a little larger. As soon as I started the cut, I heard a “crack!” and saw a large chunk break out of the sheet. After all the taping, mudding and sanding it took to repair the new damage, I was kicking myself for not backing out a few screws and shaving the opening a bit larger. The job turned out fine, but my pride at measuring so precisely was slightly wounded.


From Rick M.

When I paint, I know I don’t have the patience to “cut in” freehand. So I mask off the wood trim with painter’s tape and remove it while the paint’s still wet. But one time I was called away before I could remove the tape. When I returned and started removing the tape, I noticed it was pulling dried paint off the wall. I stopped pulling, reached for my utility knife and did a quick slice through the dried paint along all the edges. Then I ripped off the rest of the tape. The next day I was horrified to see what I had done. In my haste to slice through the paint, I had also sliced off chunks of the wood base trim. I spent several hours crawling around the room with a tiny artist’s brush, using wall paint and matching wood stain to touch up the gouged wood. Now, if I can’t remove the tape while the paint is wet, I take a deep breath and muster up the patience to cut through the dried paint film very slowly, so I don’t damage the wood. I haven’t sliced off any wood trim since that episode.


From Ross S.

My wife and I love to shop online for bargains. So we both run for the door when the deliveries arrive. One day a heavy package arrived, and I just assumed the box contained the tools I had ordered. Anxious to see my gadgets, I zipped through the packing tape with a utility knife. As I opened the flaps, I saw white creamy liquid oozing all over the place. I had just sliced open several bottles of the skin care products my wife had ordered. I put the box on a large platter to catch the dripping ooze and waited for my wife to come home. I was prepared to eat crow for not checking the address label and setting the box aside for her, and for being so careless with the knife. But when she saw the mess and realized what I had done, she burst out laughing. It cost me a nice dinner and the price of several bottles of skin care products. Now I make sure the package is for me before opening it, and I exercise a more caution when slicing through the packing tape with my utility knife.


Ever have a job or home project head south because you didn’t do it right? Share your Super Oops & Goofs. If we use yours, we will send you an OLFA 25MM Heavy-Duty Utility Knife just for fessing up!

Super Oops and Great Goofs

Aug 4, 2014 By OLFA Builds