Give Crafts the Royal Treatment

Give Crafts the Royal Treatment

May 1, 2015 By OLFA Creates

Ready to give yourself and your crafts the royal treatment? Then the OLFA® Emperor Purple 45mm Splash Handle Rotary Cutter is the next heir in the OLFA rotary cutter family tree. It’s inherited all the qualities you love about its predecessors, and gives you that trend-forward feel with all the value of the OLFA Splash line. Whether you’re the queen bee of the quilting circle, or the new face to your crafting community, this handy tool says “craft-nista” all over it.


The rich Emperor Purple handle will make you, and your crafting tools, stand out from the rest. Not only is this delightful new color hot, hot, hot, its bright new look has a practical sense to it as well. No one will mistake your tools for theirs. You’re sure to go home with exactly the same rotary cutter you came with. Need more choices and options? Check out the Aqua 45mm Splash Handle Rotary Cutter.


Nothing says luxury like comfort. The handle of this rotary cutter is made specifically to feel super comfy in your hand. The ergonomic design minimizes wrist fatigue for longer, more efficient crafting sessions. Enjoy more time at the crafting table.


Like the swords of old, the Splash Handle Rotary Cutter features sharp steel edges that get the job done quickly and efficiently. The rotary blade is made of tungsten tool steel, so it retains its sharpness, allowing it to cut through up to six layers of material at a time. That makes cutting easier on you. Besides quilting and sewing, the Splash Handle Rotary Cutter is great for medium to heavy-duty projects, everything from paper to upholstery.


The handle doubles as a protective sheath, keeping the blade safe from nicks and gouges. And, it also keeps the sharp blade stowed for your safety when not in use. When the blade does eventually need to be swapped out, changing is quick and easy.

So if it is time to step up your tools and your look, the Splash Handle Rotary Cutter in Emperor Purple is right in style. Go ahead, treat yourself like royalty!


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Give Crafts the Royal Treatment

May 1, 2015 By OLFA Creates