June Designer Spotlight Patty Sloniger

June Designer Spotlight Patty Sloniger

Jun 2, 2015 By OLFA Creates

Kicking off the summer is the Designer Spotlight for June, Patty Sloniger. Patty is an artist who creates not only with traditional artist’s media such as paper and canvas, but with fabric as well. As a sewer, she gravitates mainly toward quilting and embroidery but applies it toward a variety of projects from home dec and softies to garments and bags.




Patty, tell us a little more about yourself:

I’m a licensed designer for Michael Miller Fabrics and spend most of my free time sewing or designing things that I want to sew. Basically, I like to draw and make stuff, especially quilts! I have a background in both fine art and graphic design and have been drawing since, well, forever. I hope to pass these passions on to my 2 year old daughter who already knows the words, “fabric”, “thread” and “quilt” and whose favorite thing to do in my studio is name the colors of my spools of thread.


 What is your favorite OLFA tool & why?

That would have to be my rotating cutting mat. It’s perfect for trimming down blocks or squaring them up without having to move either your block or yourself around the table. I’ve ruined many a block trying to awkwardly trim the left side of the fabric with my opposite hand.


What size ruler could you not live without?

My 6” x 24” ruler. Odds are if I’m cutting fabric, I’m using it. I left one at a sew-in once, so now I keep a backup for my backup!


When do you do your most creative work?

Before I had my little one, my favorite time to create was early on Saturday and Sunday morning, when the house was quiet and no one else was awake yet. I’d get a fresh cup of coffee, plug in my iPod and work away with the morning sun streaming in the front windows. But now, because being the first one up would mean rising before the sun shows it’s face, I carve my creative time out at night, after the little one is asleep. I have a hot cup of white tea instead of coffee, an iPad screen instead of sunlight, and I either listen to one of my Pandora stations or watch British crime mysteries like Foyle’s War and Poirot while I work.


What is the dominant color in your stash?

Does low volume count? I’m obsessed with it, it takes up the biggest bin in my studio! But, if you want to know what actual color dominates my stash it’s aqua. It’s such a gorgeous, happy color and it plays well with everything. When I look back at all my fabric collections, they all have aqua in them!


How many WIP’s do you have lying around right now?

Too many! Um, let’s see… There are 4 quilt tops that need to be quilted (2 baby quilts, 1 Christmas quilt and my own wedding quilt that all of our guests signed… yup, that one’s been waiting a good 5 years so far. There’s also a sweet little girl’s dress just missing sleeves that my 2 year old daughter outgrew a year ago, a partially finished x & + quilt top that’s especially dear to me because I make the blocks a few at a time with scraps from whatever project I’m currently working on, a couple pillow tops that need backs, 4 QAYG panels destined to become bags and two dresses that need zippers and hemming. I’m sure I could find some more I’ve forgotten about if I do a little digging in my studio’s blackhole closet.


If you could choose one for free, which would it be: a new sewing machine or a long-arm?

A long arm for sure! I test drive them every time I go to Quilt Market and dream about actually bringing one home with me. We even have an oddly long room in our house that would be perfect for it.


Is there a time of year that you barely touch needle & thread?

It’s not so much a time of year, but a cycle I seem to go through. I’m more of a quilt, quilt, quilt, then draw, draw, draw kind of girl. I get excited about a project and it’s all I want to do for awhile until I either finish it or have learned what I wanted to learn. I may not touch my sewing machine for a month (like when it’s crunch time for a new fabric collection), but then I’ll put down my pencil and just sew for three weeks straight. And then there are times where I don’t really have a choice because I either have a sewing deadline or an illustration deadline, and I do whichever is necessary. But, deadlines are good, because they sometimes force you into designing solutions you might not have otherwise come up with. I’ve found I work well under pressure!


Want to get to know Patty even better?  You can find her on:




If you are looking for something to bring the bright & beautiful colors of the summer sky into your home, then this is the project for you. Like a sunrise, the ombre colors gradually move from soft to bold and back again. Choose colors to match your home decor or your mood!

  • INSTRUCTIONS: Click here for detailed instructions on how to create Patty’s Ombre Table Runner.

June Designer Spotlight Patty Sloniger

Jun 2, 2015 By OLFA Creates