May Designer Spotlight Kelly McCants

May Designer Spotlight Kelly McCants

May 5, 2015 By OLFA Creates

Kelly McCants runs a small business named Modern June, the Oilcloth Addict. Kelly is an energetic, creative type, who is also a total housewife at heart. She likes to combine these two together to create pretty and practical home goods. Kelly is all about making life easier. She says, “I really enjoy when people make or use my projects; it’s an honor really! I believe in things that are easy to clean and fun to use. “More memory-making and less cleaning,” that’s my motto!”  We are so excited to have Kelly join us for our May Designer Spotlight!


Kelly told us a little more about herself:

Over the last 9 years I’ve designed and sold a full range of oilcloth products on Etsy. I’ve used that knowledge to write two sewing books, “Sewing with Oilcloth” and “At Home with Modern June.” Right now I’m concentrating on selling oilcloth, chalkcloth and laminated cotton at while developing a new line of patterns for oilcloth and laminated cottons.


What is your favorite OLFA tool & why?

I don’t have just one favorite OLFA tool. I have three that I just can’t live without in my sewing studio: a comfy, retractable rotary cutter, a self-healing cutting mat, and 6” x 24” ruler. I lovingly call these items the Triple Threat of Tools!


What is your favorite OLFA rotary cutter & why?

I’m getting older and my thumb and wrist aren’t working like they used to, so I love the Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter. Because of its ergonomic shape, I’m not pressing the handle into the palm of my hand where I can get pain. I also love that it self-retracts so I don’t accidentally cut myself when the cutting table gets messy.


Is there a time of year that you barely touch needle & thread?

Once the Christmas rush is over at Modern June I take off a few weeks. During this time I avoid my sewing machine for hand embroidery and crochet projects. I allow time to make things that are just for me and my family.


What is the dominant color in your stash?

Red, red and more red with some aqua thrown in for good measure.


Who taught you to sew or quilt?

I learned to sew in Home Ec class, but it was Madonna that made me the pattern maker and stitcher that I am today. If you wanted to dress like Madonna in Independence, MO in 1985 you had to do-it-yourself. I used to make patterns out of paper bags on the shag carpeting in my bedroom, it was crazy. I broke all the rules and made my own way then and now.


From where (or whom) do you draw inspiration?

My Grr (Grandmother) was a mother of 7 and a housewife that sold Tupperware and Avon. She was the only person that I knew that wore an apron. When I started Modern June I only sold old vintage aprons, and before I sold each apron, I made a paper pattern, this way I’d always have a little piece of history. Within a few months I was mixing the patterns together to make my own modern take on the retro aprons in my collection. It’s because of my Grr’s influence that I’ve been able to home-school my kids while building a small business.


Want to get to know Kelly even better? Find her on:



This adorable project from Kelly is a great way to add a personal touch to your next birthday party. It can be used over and over again for any special event, because the chalkcloth can be personalized, erased, and personalized again.  Can’t you just see it hanging over the table at your next party?

  • Instructions: CLICK HERE for detailed instructions to create Kelly’s Chalk Birthday Bunting.

May Designer Spotlight Kelly McCants

May 5, 2015 By OLFA Creates