NEW Folding Mats for Crafters On the Go!

NEW Folding Mats for Crafters On the Go!

Jul 8, 2015 By OLFA Creates

In the hurried world of smartphones, smart appliances and connected cars, we came up with one of the smartest ideas for crafters since the OLFA® Rotary Cutter. The best part: It doesn’t need to be charged, checked in or come with a lock-in contract. Introducing our smart new line of OLFA® Folding Cutting Mats that are perfect for crafting and crafters on-the-go in a very mobile world.


What makes these mats completely unique? Let us count the ways:

  1. They come in two sizes (12″x17″and 17″x24″), each folding in half for easy portability as you travel to craft or sewing classes, scrapbooking club or the weekly quilting circle.
  2. Each mat has a unique wave cut right down the middle. It opens completely seamless and flat, and will never interfere with smooth cutting. In fact, when open, it looks and performs identical to other one-piece OLFA cutting mats.
  3. The heavy reinforced hinged backing allows you to open and close it thousands of times. You’ll wear out the mat first.
  4. Fold it up and pop it into a small to midsize carrying bag with your other crafting supplies. No need to tote that extra-large cutting mat under your arm again.
  5. At home, the folding mats are super-easy to store, talking up half the space of other cutting mats their size.



The new OLFA® Folding Cutting Mats are perfect for crafters of all skills and interests. If it is your first OLFA cutting mat, you’ll welcome the convenience from the get-go as you travel to classes to learn from an experienced crafter or meet up at that girls’ night scrapbook party.


For crafters on-the-go who want a little pack-in, pack-out relief, you can relate to the frustration of relying on smaller cutting mats when away from home, sacrificing performance for portability. Worry no more. These mats will give you full-size performance in a made-to-travel package. You simply fold the mat in half and pack it up for easy portability. Pop it in a carrying case, or better yet, make a trendy weekender bag and take it anywhere.


We’d go as far to say the convenience these new OLFA folding cutting mats bring to the table will kick your creative pursuits up a few notches.


Durability is the name of the game with OLFA cutting mats, so whether you use an OLFA rotary cutter or art knife with a fixed blade, expect no less from these portable models. On top of being tough, the 12″x17″ mat is non-slip and easy to use, which makes cutting safe. No sliding and perfect, straight cuts every time.


Looking for more excuses to pull out your mat? Check out these TOP 5 WAYS TO USE A ROTARY CUTTER.


They say home is where the heart is. We say, home is where your mat is. With the new OLFA Folding Cutting Mat, no matter where your crafting adventures take you, you’ll feel right at home with the convenience of these folding, yet full-size OLFA mats.


YOUR TURN: What tips and tricks do you have for crafters on the go?

NEW Folding Mats for Crafters On the Go!

Jul 8, 2015 By OLFA Creates