Act with Integrity and Humility


Everything that we say and do in our business and personal transactions will be consistent within a moral, ethical and legal framework. We will do the right thing the right way.

  • I address problems and processes, not people.
  • I demonstrate humility in every interaction with others by giving credit, not taking credit, and not using my position of authority in a negative fashion.
  • I speak the truth, confidentiality is top of mind internally and externally, I communicate accurate and timely information.


Be Accountable


We will be accountable to our customers, shareholders, partners and co-workers for our commitments, results, and quality.

  • I make commitments intentionally and keep/OVER-deliver on them.
  • I proactively identify issues related to my business and communicate my plans and objectives.
  • If unable to keep a commitment or deadline or make a mistake, I inform all people who are impacted immediately, and gather support for ways to get back on track.


Continuously Improve


We will challenge the status quo and personally take responsibility and appropriate risks to improve all that we do.

  • I incorporate previous input into future programs and activities so that we continuously improve.
  • When I hear/see a differing point of view I seek to better understand it and determine how it can help improve outcomes and the quality of work.
  • I celebrate process and timing improvements. I use these successes as the basis for improvement in other areas of the business.


Grow our People


We will promote a diversified environment that motivates and develops our people and rewards and recognizes high performance and valued behaviors.

  • I actively seek feedback and express gratitude when others offer it.
  • I coach, mentor and train my co-workers at any level of the organization in order to achieve our mutual goals.
  • I actively cheer others on by giving sincere praise for effort and accomplishment often and by encouraging positive behaviors.


Wow! our Customers' Consumers


We will exceed our customer and consumer expectations for service, value, innovation, quality and sustainability.

  • I support the delivery of innovative, out-of-the-box solutions that delight consumers.
  • I create an environment where new product, marketing and selling ideas and activities are based on what is best for the consumer to make cooking/baking/dining/storage better.
  • When members of the team come up with new ways to educate and reach our target consumer I recognize their contributions.


Win as One Team


We will collaborate to solve problems and deliver on opportunities across functions and geographies.

  • I respectfully speak up in meetings when I have a different point of view.
  • I support team decisions. One decision, one direction!
  • I lead the celebration of success for my team. I recognize that we all contributed to achieving the results we wanted.